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Meet Robin Weston, National Channel Manager for Mitel

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Meet Robin Weston, National Channel Manager for Mitel.

A little background…

Robin lives in Tampa, Florida and has been in the area his entire life. Building, customizing and fixing things is a growing passion of his, focused on furniture made from reclaimed wood plus vintage and modern-classic motorcycles.

His entire career has been in Telecommunications, with the bulk of it in the Channel. “I focus on problem solving…for our clients and for our partners.” Robin believes every opportunity in the Channel is a chance to improve a company’s (client and/or partner) business model and bottom line through productivity gains. That’s why he is so happy to be a part of the Mitel team, as Hosted Communications is the present and the future of our business. “It’s so much more than voice…” according to Robin, “…it’s about efficiency in business operations.” The strength of the CNSG business model and the talent of their team and partner community has Mitel very excited for 2017!

Fun facts: He’s been married for 15 years, has two kids, one in college and one in high school, and can explain to you the differences between a bourbon and a scotch (he’s an enthusiast!).

Contact information: Phone: 813-884-1010 or robin.weston@mitel.com

Please reach out to Robin to learn how to be successful with Mitel Cloud services. He will schedule a personal Mitel introduction and portal demonstration.

An average 85% of customer/sales opportunities close when Mitel demos MiCloud

You will learn Mitel’s advantages and receive a brief demonstration of our MiCloud customer portal

This is the secret sauce to their Channel growth in 2016 and 2017

You will learn their value-adds and what sets them apart in the Hosted Communications space