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Meet BCN Agent Sales Director Jay McClure

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Meet BCN Agent Sales Director Jay McClure

  • Jay is the primary point of contact for CNSG sales partners interested in learning more about the advantages of doing business with BCN.
    • Multi-product aggregation based on 75+ unique wholesale network partners
    • A single point of contact for U.S.-based 24/7/365 support
    • Billing for all services consolidated into one monthly invoice
    • One sophisticated portal designed to manage all BCN services
  • Jay takes the lead in bringing the entire BCN team together to design and develop solutions to meet the specific needs of your customers and prospects.
    • Regardless of opportunity size, BCN is a powerful choice for small to medium business customers with single or multiple locations.
    • BCN brings together services including TDM, PRI, Analog POTS, DSL Cable, DIA, 4G LTE Wireless Backup, and more.
  • Contact Jay today to learn more about putting a BCN solution to work for your customers.


T: 908-367-5963

C: 770-634-5095


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